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Welcome to the market research landing page. We strive to provide insights on a range of subjects, using many formats. Most of the studies undertaken focus on the consumer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find an overview on macro demographic shifts, rancher participation in the Beef Quality Assurance program, or key planning trends.

Below you will find snapshot overviews of research projects that have been undertaken, copies of trend articles written by the market research team for Beef Issues Quarterly, and seminars that have been conducted at industry conventions. We have sought to make navigation easy in several ways:

  • You can create a short list by choosing a topic at right. For example, a subset of our overviews concern millennials, the generation now entering adulthood, and a key group for beef demand looking forward. Choose millennials/target audience as your “topic” to condense the articles offered. 
  • You can scan for imagery below. We have, for example, used a chef’s hat to draw your attention to articles about the foodservice channel. 
  • You can use the search functionality to locate stories based on a set of unique tags to Market Research only. For example, if you saw a presentation in Nashville, “X” the box to filter for “Beef Industry Conventions/Conferences” and look for the picture for Nashville In the results.

We welcome your input, and hope the information provided here serves all in the beef industry to more effectively tell the consumer about our great product.

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2016 Foodservice Volumetric Study

The Foodservice Volumetric report sizes the volume and the wholesale value of beef sold to foodservice operations. The most recent study covers wholesale purchases from October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016. Beef is estimated to represent 19% of all food dollars sold into foodservice, and is undoubtedly the number one food product sold into the channel.

Tags: Foodservice, Market Research & Planning

Published: 2017

Stewardship Content Evaluation

The Beef Checkoff recently commissioned a quantitative research project by a third- party firm specializing in content evaluation. This study was set in motion to help address the consumers’ wants and interest in transparency. NCBA on behalf of the Beef Checkoff, created several pieces of content that was put into testing, including 5 videos and 1 infographic. Click on the link below for a summary of the research.

Tags: Consumer Trust, Market Research & Planning, Millennials/Target Audience, Production Practices, Research Findings

Published: 2017

Consumer Insights - 2017 Annual Convention

The Market Research and Intelligence team provided insights at the Nashville convention on the state of beef demand, the "smoked beef" trend, the consumer that buys and eats beef, the upside for beef in restaurants, selling beef online, beef sales trends in retail and foodservice and how to tell the best beef production story.

Tags: Beef Industry Conventions/Conferences, Consumer Trends, Market Research & Planning, Research Findings

Published: 2017

Retail Beef Insights from IRI Panel Data: 2012-2015

To better understand how beef moves through the retail channel to consumers, NCBA, on behalf of the beef checkoff, recently purchased and analyzed consumer panel data from IRI. This additional data enables the checkoff to understand how much beef moves through all retailer types and to understand how beef purchases vary by demographic groups. The insight gained from this panel data will help to more effectively communicate with retail channel operators and to more efficiently allocate checkoff resources.

Tags: Consumer Trends, Market Research & Planning, Research Findings, Retail

Published: 2017

Getting a Read on Positive Consumer Perceptions about Beef

Market research has conducted a series of projects recently to further understand the difficulty consumers have with preparing steaks, and the shopping and culinary information that might help increase their likelihood to order or prepare steak more often. Click on the link below for a summary of the analysis.

Tags: Consumer Trends, Market Research & Planning

Published: 2016

Millennials and Fast Food Burgers

While there are many qualities about burgers from fast food restaurants that Millennials love; taste, freshness and quality are a top priority. For those consumers who are eating less burgers, many claimed to be eating less fast food or choosing alternatives like chicken as their main reason. Millennials are looking for freshness, quality and nutrition at fast food but convenience and price are still the leading drivers of consumption. To retain current fast food burger consumers and recapture those who have decreased consumption, it is important to use adjectives like "fresh" to signal quality, improve the communication of information about beef used in fast food burgers, and position burgers as a healthier, complete meal. Click below to learn more about beef burgers served at fast food restaurants.

Tags: Consumer Trends, Foodservice, Market Research & Planning, Millennials/Target Audience, Nutrition & Health, Price & Value, Taste & Emotions

Published: 2016

Consumer Beef Index, July 2016

The Consumer Beef Index (CBI) has been an invaluable tool for determining the where and what of checkoff communication programs. The July 2016 index is now available and for the first time in years, consumers did not report a reduced number of weekly beef meals. Click below to view the whole report.

Tags: Consumer Beef Index - CBI, Market Research & Planning

Published: 2016

What’s In a Number? Leveraging Scanner Data to Understand the Retail Beef Consumer

That Constant Beeping! You’re in the grocery store checkout line and as each item passes over an electronic scanner, you hear that omnipresent beep, beep, beep. Originally adopted in the mid-1970’s to speed up pricing and checkout, the scanner, with its ubiquitous bar code, facilitates retailer inventory management, loyalty cards and couponing, as well. 

One additional opportunity, however, has been to consolidate this actual consumer purchase data beyond the store or chain level, and regroup it by product type – to understand that bigger picture market view. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, on behalf of the Beef Checkoff, purchases this data to gain important insight into retail beef sales.

Tags: Beef Issues Quarterly for Market Research, Consumer Trends, Market Research & Planning, Retail

Published: 2016

Ground Beef Challenges

In the last Beef Issues Quarterly, an article explored whether lab-grown meat and ground crickets are potentially a challenge to ground beef. Beyond these more exotic choices, the article also considered the percentage of consumers that may seek out a closer substitute to ground beef, such as a plant-based-option product derived from soy and chickpeas. In conclusion, that article noted that there isn’t a hue and cry among consumers for these alternatives.

This article will look at more direct challenges to ground beef demand, and discuss needed industry actions. This article is written in recognition of the importance of ground beef to the beef industry, with close to 60 percent of current beef volume domestically reaching the market as ground beef.

Tags: Beef Issues Quarterly for Market Research, Ground Beef, Market Research & Planning

Published: 2016

How to Measure Trust in Beef and Beef Production and Why it Matters

The beef industry’s 2016-2020 Long Range Plan (LRP) was adopted in the summer of 2015. The plan, whose vision is “to responsibly produce the most trusted and preferred protein in the world,” set forth to address four focused core strategies. Key to achieving these strategic goals is the ability to accurately measure progress and outcomes. One of the core strategies, Grow Consumer Trust in Beef and Beef Production, called for the development of a custom metric to make sure progress could be effectively tracked and evaluated. This trust measure, an algorithm based on six focused questions, was benchmarked in last fall’s Consumer Image Index. Following is an overview of how that measure was developed and how it will be applied to track consumer perceptions of trust in the beef industry over the next several years.

Tags: Beef Industry Long Range Plan & Tracking, Beef Issues Quarterly for Market Research, Consumer Image Index - CII, Consumer Trust, Market Research & Planning

Published: 2016